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Samir Date and Dipalee Somaiya

Bollywood Playback singers Samir Date and Dipalee Somaiya will have successfully completed numerous live performances in India and Internationally. They will present the main and final event for Saturday presenting a live musical show based on 50 Years of Hindi Film as well as popular Bengali songs.


At Parichoy, Ms. Tania Chandra and her group has taken this masterpiece of Rabindranath Tagore to a different level with their dazzling performance leaving the audience speechless. Being a trained “Bharat Natyam”, “Rabindra Nritya” and “Kaththak” dancer, Tania choreographed “Shaapmochon” with a perfect blend of classical and contemporary dance retaining Tagore’s original flavor of a dance-drama. As a talented dancer and promising choreographer, she opened her imagination to bring “Shyama” to life. With a group of 15 highly talented & motivated dancers, she made sure that it remains an unforgettable experience for the audience.

Robi O Nobin

Robi O Nobin is a concept which illustrates the widest range of Bengal’s cultural accumulation of music. Robi O Nobin’s music, inspired by the flow of traditions and heritage from the Himalayas, down the rivers to the Bay of Bengal, blends the sentiments of many years of hope, achievement, joy, sorrow, and love. RON’s selection of songs range from the rich treasures of Tagore, traditional Baul, Jhumoor, Bhawaiya and Bhatiali to modern genres of urban folk and films. RON’s music binds a cocoon to merge diverse feelings and surges straight from heart to heart, soul to soul.

Robi O Nobin is born out of love, affection, respect and friendship through music. The idea of exploring multi genres of music, overcoming cultural and age barriers resulted in RON – The band with a difference. Robi O Nobin consists of Irene Sarkar (vocals), Arjyesh Ray (drums), Robin Lai (violin, keyboard and sound technology), Subhashis Sen (guitar), Subhomoy Mitra (bass guitar) and Soumitra Ray (vocals & percussions). Both Soumitra Ray and Robin Lai are also associated with the Bhoomi band.

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