Monthly Archives: December 2018

COVID-19 Announcement

All Indian grocery stores are closing on March 30th for a few weeks. In these times you can contact Tirupati Farms for home delivery of groceries. Orders can be placed between 9 AM and 1 PM, delivery before 7 PM. Cash and credit card accepted. Deliveries will be at your doorstep.

Call Tirupati Farms

Kajal 351-322-3581

For delivery or curbside pickup from supermarkets:




Call the following and visit the link for any Corona virus Information and help:

NJ State Office of Health – 609-392-2020

EC Message

ICC Garden state would like to thank all our Members, Patrons and Sponsors forĀ helping us successfully organize Durga Puja 2019. It also thanks all volunteers to help in making all the events in 2019 memorable to our guests.