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Durga Puja 2021

হিমের পরশ লাগলো প্রাণে,
শারদীয়ার আগমনে,
আগমনীর খবর পেয়ে,
বনের পাখি উঠলো গেয়ে,
শিশির ভেজা নতুন ভোরে.
মা আসছেন আলো করে .

EC Message

ICC Garden state would like to thank all our Members, Patrons and Sponsors for helping us successfully organize Durga Puja 2020. It also thanks all volunteers to help in making all the events in 2020 memorable to our guests.


“Tathai” Presents “Shapmochon”

“Shapmochon”, another masterpiece from Rabindra-nath Tagore makes us rethink the real meaning of beauty.

Ms. Tania Chandra and her group “Tathai” has taken the masterpiece to a different level with their dazzling performance leaving the audience speechless.

Being a trained “Bharat Natyam”, “Rabindra Nritya” and “Kaththak” dancer, Tania choreographed “Shapmochon” with a perfect blend of classical and contemporary dance retaining Tagore’s original flavor of a dance-drama. As a talented dancer and promising choreographer, she opened her imagination to bring “Shapmochon” to life. With a group of 12 highly talented & motivated dancers, she makes sure that it remains an unforgettable experience for the Audience.