From President’s desk

Dear Members, Patrons and Friends,

On behalf of the current executive committee, I have the distinct honor and privilege to welcome you all at this Indian Community Center of Garden State (ICC-GS) 2019 Durga Puja event at the Parsippany High School in New Jersey.  ICC-GS organizes many events throughout the year for the benefit of their members and their children, such as Durga Puja, Saraswati  Puja, Baisakhi calibration, picnic, holiday/new year party, etc.  Among all of these ICC-GS organized events, Durga Puja is the biggest and most attended event.  For the Indian community, I do not have to explain the importance of Durga Puja in our life, but for our children who are born and raised here in USA, Durga Puja is an event that is similar to Christmas here.

ICC-GS was formed in early 1980’s to promote and maintain the cultural and religious heritage of the Indian community in this part of New Jersey.  For last forty years, we are on our target and have successfully organized these events for the benefit of our members and local Indian community.  In this year’s Durga Puja, we are going to stage our biggest cultural event with famous overseas performers from India.  The ICC-GS executive committee and all ICC members and volunteers have worked very hard to make this event a success. I personally appreciate their hard work and sacrifice.

Like other years, the celebration will continue throughout Saturday and Sunday, Puja and prasad during the day time, cultural program and community dinner in the evening and night time.  The event is only for two days, but the preparation is going over last two months with hard dedicated work from members and volunteers. We are all trying our best to provide you an enjoyable nice time when you are attending our Durga Puja.  I sincerely expect your forgiveness for any errors, omissions or mistakes.

At the end, I wish you a very happy Durga Puja and Shubho Bijoya.   May Ma Durga bless us all.


Nirmal Kundu


ICC-GS President


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