From President’s desk

Dear ICC Members, Patrons, and Friends,
Looking back to the first time I became a part of ICC, I see that we have come such a long way. This organization which had 15 more families. While on one side I miss the many people that we parted ways with during this long journey; seeing the passion of the new generation of members and the developments they have brought brings me extreme joy. In light of these changes, I see that what has remained the same has been our togetherness and the commitment to the community. These feelings will never fade as they are the foundation on which this organization was built.
Over the last few months, our members have worked relentlessly to create an experience that is unforgettable for both you and your family. Through the help of everyone in ICC, the executive committee has been able to arrange a splendid Puja ceremony befitting the members of this organization. As always, the executive committee and the subcommittee strive to bring the best performances. We hope that these performances will keep you thrilled and hope you enjoy them to the fullest.
I would like to give our utmost gratitude to our founder members, patrons, sponsors, and corporate donors for their spontaneous help. It is only through your continual support and charitable donations that this is all made possible. This year we have celebrated our 25th year of our Durga Puja. We thank you for your valuable feedback and ideas to make this a grand event.
Alongside you, we will be able to create everlasting memories. We hope that you will be able to feel right back at home experiencing the grandeur and festiveness that Durga Puja brings. Let us be able to look fondly back on this Puja just as we cherish memories of those from our childhood days.
I extend my heartfelt greetings to everyone on this festive occasion and welcome you to ICC Garden State Community. Wishing you all a “Very Happy Durga Puja and Shubho Bijoya”
Arpita Gupta

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