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ICC Garden State welcomes all residents, especially those residing in North East USA, to become a member of the organization.
The membership is open to all who are at least eighteen years old, subscribes to the objectives of the organization and shall abide by the Constitution and by-laws of the organization, and pay a non-refundable membership fee. Membership year must be the same as the fiscal year.
A member can be terminated from the membership for not abiding by the constitution or by-laws of the organization as specified in By-Laws.

Benefits of becoming a member

  • ICC is an non-profit organization run by the members and for the members. By becoming a member, one gets a sense of belonging to the organization and community.
  • Members, including junior members, get opportunities to participate in any of the activities organized or participated by ICC, including but not limited to
        • Group or solo performances
        • Plays and Drama
        • Hosting and presenting shows or events.
  • All adult members are able to contribute ideas and other support towards running of the organization or events.
  • All adult members have voting rights to the elections for the Executive Committee.
  • All adult members are able to contest for a post in the Executive Role in the organization.
  • All members  are eligible to attend the following  events free of charge:
        • Annual Picnic
        • Lakshmi Puja
        • Annual General Meeting
  • Membership fees are Tax Deductible contributions.

Membership Category

General Member: An individual of at least eighteen years old and paying annual membership fee.
Life Member: An individual who pays a one time membership fee for the whole life.
Junior Member: A youngster below the age of eighteen and is sponsored by their parent or a consenting General Member or Life Member.

Membership Rates

Category Frequency Family Single
General Members Annual $50 $25
Life Members One Time $500 $300
  Please note, that all fees are non-refundable and for one fiscal/calendar year. They become due on January 1st.

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